Behind the Scenes - Natalia Chai's Music Video Shoot for "Regretful Acquaintance"

"Regretful Acquaintance" PROMO Music Video Release



That's right! It is only 3 days away until the official music video release for my single "Regretful Acquaintance". From the preliminary chord progressions and top lines created in the dark corners of my room, to the masterful studio production by the one and only @dunnadidit from @resonatemusic studios who somehow knew and produced the exact sound that was "resonating" in my head, to now the on screen depiction of the writing process to bring the music, story, words and emotion to the screen with the amazing local videographer @navthephotoguy.

All musicians who has ever filmed a music video knows the amount of work and planning that goes behind the 3-4 minute end product. It takes a few coffee meetings, phone calls, and emails to create ideas and story lines, then more messaging, phone calls, and meetings to put together an amazing cast and crew, and then more phone calls and meetings to book venues, tie up a few details that lead up to the day of the shoot on July 14.

I would love to take this first of many opportunities to thank every single individual who was a part of this project with me because without you all, this would not have been possible. No words can express how appreciative I am to all of you! These individuals also happen to be amazing local artists who are all changing the world by creating their incredible art for the world to see! Please please please give each of them a "like" and "follow" because they all work so hard to get to where they are and to continue to work for their dreams like I do!

Shall I take you all behind the scenes of my July 14 "Regretful Acquaintance" video set(s)?

Planning & Storyboarding...

When Nav and I initially met, it was very apparent that we both wanted to work together to create something amazing! I forwarded him the track for "Regretful Acquaintance" and literally milliseconds later he was vomiting ideas after ideas. It was amazing to see just how much creativity Nav had which influenced and expanded my own expectations from what I originally envisioned for this project! To the right, you can see the first draft of what Nav and I had discussed in the initial stages of planning and storyboarding. A few changes were made of course leading up to the day of the shoot but nevertheless, this was the birth of what would become something great!









Organization is key...

A  quick look at the itinerary I drafted up to make sure that everyone knew what was happening, where they were needed, the times, the respective scenes so that the day would run smoothly. I am a fairly Type A individual as was everyone else!










Casting call....

I initially only had one idea in mind for this music video. It wasn't until I started talking to Nav when a larger and more creative innovation started to take place and we had to invite more amazing people on board with us. The process of finding local models or artists to "fit" the vibe and storyline was actually very long and did at times become discouraging. But through perseverance, networking, and unrelenting drive Nav and I were able to find THE PERFECT matches - and were they ever PERFECT. Perfect human beings, perfect actors and I am extremely grateful to them! Ladies first!

1) Rachel Berg (@rachel_berg)

This absolutely beautiful young woman was such a gem to work with! She is absolutely gorgeous and not afraid to portray her strength and confidence. I got the honour to have a heart to heart with her and interesting fact - she used to be a dancer!! YES! Everything from hip-hop, to contemporary to jazz. She has a heart of gold and her beauty shines from deep within. Absolutely professional, fun to work with and would love the chance to work with her again for future projects! Please give her a like and follow to keep up to date with her fabulous, self-driven and young ambitious life!




2) Jackson @jacksonondrums aka. drummer for @upsidedowntown









Jackson is a fellow local musician and artist and good friend! We are a part of the same local artist development company called YEG Music (@yegmusic). It was particularly difficult to find male models/artists in the city and a mutual friend and co-owner of YEG Music, Sabrina suggested that I contacted Jackson. When I did all problems and worries in the world quickly disappeared when Jackson immediately took up, studied, and practiced his part for the music video - NO JOKE! What's also not a joke is his mad drumming skills - I've seen him play live and can he ever play! Give him and his band Upsidedowntown (who also recently released their new album FIREMOON!) a follow and like!

July 14, 2018 SHOOT

~ 6am START: Make-up and hair (DIY) ; pack food and lunch for everyone ; packed suitcase with outfit changes

~ 9am - Noon Venue #1: The Photographer's Studio

I was no stranger to this amazing studio space. It may also look familiar to some of you because I also shot my #CONNECTED LP album cover photo shoot here and also wrote a blog (BTS - Natalia Chai's Album Cover Photoshoot) that featured this studio - specifically studio #2! There were so many footage captured within the first 3 hours of filming. One of the many things to prepare for this day was "tapping into the emotion" - Nav. Being "in front of the screen" is somewhat different but also very similar in some ways to being in the studio recording vocal tracks. This song was written from a place of all range of emotions and it was just as important to capture all that through my words, melodies, sound and now facial expressions.

~ 1pm - 3pm Venue #2: AWAKE COFFEEHOUSE

A connection and friendship that started when I went to pharmacy school at the UofA landed me this second venue! Joseph, my classmate and pharmacy colleague, with his wife, sister and brother-in-law are co-owners of probably, in my opinion, the coolest pharmacy in the city. Twinbrooks Pharmacy and Awake Coffee House in south Edmonton aka a pharmacy cafe. I am so proud of them for being so resilient during one of the most difficult times in our profession and when Nav suggested a scene that required a coffee place, I knew I had to check this place out and that Joseph and his wife (FUN FACT! I had the honour of playing at their wedding a few years back - sooo beautiful!!!!!) would help me out with no hesitation! THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me to use your beautiful space and the footages look amazing! Please check out this CBC feature and support these hardworking pharmacists and friends of mine!

~ 330-5pm Venue #3 IMAGEN Media House

I have to send a huge thanks to Nav for busting his butt to find this studio space for us. The amount of research, effort and hustle that he put into this (and quite frankly into every single step from beginning to end) was amazing and because of him we could not have found a better studio rental and in the process also could not have met another amazing person, Janice Saxon (co-owner). I initially had a vision of just me, my keyboard in a big big warehouse to depict isolation, loneliness and a dark environment. IMAGEN provided just that! It had an open concept that allowed us to play around with lighting, staging, and movement. And may I also mention just how awesome Janice was - we were running ahead of schedule by 1 hour and she had zero problem in accommodating us and even told us if we needed extra time that we could stay later! WHO SAYS THAT?! Janice Saxon from IMAGEN Media House does so if you are looking for a professional, accommodating, out of this world friendly local business owner to support local artists of all avenues, this is the place to be, to collaborate and unleash your creativity!

~ 830pm July 15, 2018 Walterdale Bridge and Edmonton sunset!

These scenes will speak for itself when you see the official music video!

Special thanks to...

My BANDaid and biggest supporter Danika (@dani_riedel) who took all of these amazing BTS photos and videos. Danika constantly sees something in me that I have yet to see (apparently) and I was so honoured to have her with me for this very important day! Keep your star shining and what would I do without my official BANDaid!?

NAV - Film Maker/Photographer (@navthephotoguy)

This insane individual was the mastermind behind this whole project. With the extent of social media nowadays we are so connected with each other in more ways than we ever were and that was how we initially connected. Nav is a hustler. He is a visionary. He is work ethic. He is think outside the box. He is professional. He is fun. He is easy going yet serious. He is artistically meticulous. He is innovation. Which is why I highly recommend any musician to work with him. Nav is passionate about his work and takes invested interest in the clients he works with to learn, to understand, to discuss and to produce the perfect product! From day 1, I respect his business transparency and this was maintained on both parties throughout the whole process. He was not just passionate about the end goal - he was passionate in the small details, preparation, and editing phases. Nav values efficiency and efficacy and knows exactly what his clients want. He works around the clock and will not stop until we, the clients and the fans are blown away! I was literally blown away! An absolute talent in our city and I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with NAV on this personal project that he helped make that much more meaningful to me! From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful to you NAV! Let's shake the industry and break boundaries!

Final thoughts...

The whole process could not have gone any better! From day 1 to the end, I was extremely lucky to have found my dream team for this project. Every single person got along as if we knew each other for years. We were all on time, professional and had so much fun! Everything went so smoothly that we were AHEAD of schedule and we filmed all the footages and scenes that were needed - and most likely more than we needed! I am so grateful and so excited to share the final product with all of you as is Nav and the rest of the amazing cast and crew. Everybody worked so hard that this has to blow up! If in 3 days time you find yourself watching the music video more than once, please share and spread the love! Although the title of my single is "Regretful Acquaintance", this chapter in my young music career created lasting memories with people who are not so "regretful acquaintances"! So much love and appreciation!

BTS SCENES for my "Regretful Acquaintance" Music Video Shoot!





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