Completely Vested

Spring is finally starting to shape up and it's time to bring out those light, neutral and pink tones that signifies energy, fun and spring fashion. As #YEG's weather becomes warmer and outerwear isn't needed as much, an "outer" piece like this full length vest can step up any outfit to the next level without the bulkiness. This polyester vest has a "frivolous" layered cut that cascades from the neck down effortlessly like a waterfall. A knot is tied in the back to "pull back" the waist to allow for the illusion of a slightly oversized yet fitted look. Even with an all black undertone, the vest allows the whole image to "pop". A perfect balance between polished and casual! 

Huge shout-out to a new talent in my never ending creative circle who took these amazing photos, a bad-ass photographer, and beautiful person through in through- Alexia Rowe! Please share some love and check out her page here!

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