Allow me to unveil the album cover for my CONNECTED LP! Flawlessly captured and designed by the one and only @beeg33, the time has now come to start releasing and sharing my year long project with all of you!


1) CONNECTED will be released ONLINE EVERYWHERE MAY 25, 2018 to get you all excited and familiar (perhaps you may want to learn some lyrics to sing-along with me!) with my new songs for the LAUNCH PARTY June 2, 2018. I will be joined on stage with Matt Koopman (drummer from Guests - The Band) and Leshan (bass/guitarist from Melafrique) to up my live performance game! Celebrating with me are my two beautiful, powerful soul sisters who inspire me everyday to go after what I am meant to do - Millie Rouge and RAANI.


2) CONNECTED LP LAUNCH PARTY JUNE 2, 2018 @ The St. Alberta Bourbon Room! Tickets are on sale NOW by clicking HERE!  

Remember, the first 30 fans at the door will receive a free copy of my CONNECTED LP and I am excited to announce there will be further giveaways as a token of thank you for your continuous support! 

We are all practicing and rehearsing for June 2 to make sure we give YOU an amazing, inspirational and feel good night that celebrates the talent that Edmonton musicians and artists have to offer. 


I don't know about you but I love it when I learn about my favourite artists' meaning, inspiration and stories behind the songs they write. It gives me deeper connection and appreciation for the process behind what they wrote and aim to convey through their melodies, lyrics and musical arrangement. I will be live streaming from the very humble quarters of my room where all of my songs were written from scratch but then transformed by @dunnadidit into the final product that will be released to the world on May 25, 2018 9pm SHARP. If you have a bit of time, join me on my LIVE INSTAGRAM STORIES where I will be talking and singing acoustically "S.O.S (SOcial Support)" , "Regretful Acquaintaince", "Craving" and a new one as a sneak peak for you guys!

Everyday over the next couple of weeks leading up to May 25 and June 2 onwards, I will be dropping new information pertaining to my CONNECTED LP and sincerely hope that you are able to join me for this special night. Spread the word, share the love and you will have a good night on June 2! See you all there!

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