Over the course of exactly 1 year it is finally time! Through the highest highs and lowest lows, CONNECTED will take you on a regular, everyday story about the unknown, experiences, happiness, doubts, guilt, trust, betrayal, hurt, growth, reflection and self love. Beginning, middle and end. Personal yet universal. Isolated yet collective. New sound, New stage. New me! Save the date for June 2, 2018 at The Bourbon Room presented by YEG Music! Joining me on stage is Matt Koopman (drummer from Guests - The Band) and Leshan (bass/guitar player for Melafrique). My soul sisters and amazing local singer-songwriters who are powerhouses in their own artistry and huge inspirations to Natalia Chai Music, I am so grateful and lucky to have them by my side for such an important and huge celebration of music!

Introducing to you.....


Millie Rouge

Millie Rouge is a young and captivating Indie Pop vocalist born and raised in Edmonton. Millie Rouge began pursuing her love for music in her youth and also when she was accepted into MacEwan University's Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music program. She graduated in 2015 and received her diploma with a major in Vocal Performance. Millie Rouge has explored many different genres but has naturally gravitated back towards her roots in indie pop. Millie Rouge continues to explore her musicality by working with a variety of musicians in her role of Managing Director at YEG Music and performing in her band, Millie Rouge. 

Metro Community Choice Award 2017 - Favourite Local Artist 



RAANI (rah-nee) is a pop/soul singer-songwriter. Her musical influences range from Ray Charles to The Rolling Stones to Beyonce and The Shirelles. These artists not only leave RAANI in awe of their masterful musicianship, they also deliver their music with so much emotion and energy that it creates a very impactful experience for her. RAANI aspires to impact her listeners in the same way these artists have influenced her. 

She just released her latest single ‘All My Ladies,’ which is nominated for a 2016 Edmonton Music Award in the best R&B/ Soul recording of the year category. 'All My Ladies' is available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify and TIDAL. 

RAANI released her debut self-titled EP in October 2014. Her single ‘Be Your Friend feat. Chips' received a 2015 Edmonton Music Award nomination for ‘Best Pop Recording’ and has been added to a variety of online radio stations. ‘Be Your Friend’ also received regular features on K94.5 radio in Moncton and garnered positive reactions on dance floors at various local bars and clubs. 

She was one of seven Edmonton-based artists chosen to perform for the Edmonton Unplugged audition show, which aired for two weeks on Shaw TV Edmonton. 

Currently, RAANI is writing new material for future single releases and is performing on stages around Edmonton. 

“RAANI has the unique ability to maintain the delicate balance between making beautiful original art that is also accessible and marketable to the public. As a professional musician, working with an individual who understands the value of both these aspects when creating music is very refreshing.” 
Justin “Dunna” McDonough 
Producer, Engineer, Owner 
Resonate Music School & Studio 

“Natasha is incredibly hard working and passionately driven to succeed as a performing artist. She has a bright future ahead and is a great representative for the City of Edmonton, Province of Alberta and, indeed, all of Canada in the arts community.” 
Laurie Brown 
Artist Manager 
Porch Swing Entertainment (Formerly LJB Management)



Tickets go on sale this week! Keep your eyes and ears peeled! Always staying CONNECTED with YOU!

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