Hubba Bubba

This is hands down the 2nd most difficult photo shoot that I was a part of. The first one was last year in the middle of winter for my #CONNECTED LP cover shoot when I had to shoot in -28 degrees and froze to death! This second time was indoors at the Southgate Centre Mall #Heartmeltmotel exhibition inspired by 1970s California - the hurdle this time was not mother nature. It was blowing the perfect Hubba Bubba bubble! Both photo shoots were with my bruh, Darren Gee Photography! But what I've learned being in front of the camera for 2 years is that the weirder I feel and the harder the photo shoot the better the photos turn out. I haven't had a Hubba Bubba in ages let alone blowing the perfect bubble therefore this shoot was filled with waiting - waiting for the perfect technique to produce the perfect bubble. It was a 1:10 ratio where 1 was the frequency of getting some sort of bubble but we managed to get some cool shots! Part 2 of the #Heartmeltmotel series for this week - hope this gets you all inspired and in the mood to enjoy some California weather in our city!

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