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Last Friday I had  a very cool experience thanks to my bruh, talented local photographer and organizer of the #instameets, the one and only, Darren Gee Photography! After my acoustic set at The Woodrack Cafe last Friday I attended my first ever #instameet. I never heard of these meets until Darren asked if I would be interested in attending as a "model". I was a bit reluctant at first but thought I'd feel it out. It turned out to be an amazing experience where I got to meet so many local talented photographers and models - some of whom I knew already but I always love meeting new people, networking, learning their stories and adding them into my creative circle! Here are some photo feeds taken by the respective local photographers! Check them out and I've included links to their respective work and make sure to give them some love!


Jesse (@gum_shoe_ )

Yang (@heyitsyhu )

Model: @lildjinn

mcmglocs (@mcmglocs)

Jon T ( @blue_tooth)Model: @lildjinn

Kristin Breitkreutz (@kristinbreit)

Billy Wong (@billybookcase)

Ervis Lame (@l.ervis)

 Raymond Dam (@raymond_dam88)

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