On A Camo Mission

Some of you may recognize these pictures as I've featured them on some of my previous posts, notably in my "[Not So] Crazy & [Not So] Rich Asians" blog when I collaborated with one of my best friends Jasmine (@questadolcevita) and the talented photographer, Tyler McIntyre (@tylermcintyrephotography). Now is probably the time to think about our holiday-ready fabrics (wool, knits, cashmere, velvet) during our harsh winter weather and sadly, it is just only the beginning. This week's fashion feature item is this army green floral jacket by Canadian company, DEX Clothing. As the saying goes "Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever" - Yves St. Laurent, I feel that the army green style jacket like the one I am wearing will stand the test of time. Fashion is what "trendy" and as such has an extremely high turnover rate because trends change every season! Style goes beyond clothes and "what's trending" but rather instead impacted by personal choices, taste, expression and authenticity - that is timeless! I'm not one to usually wear bold bright colours nor am I a huge fan of floral prints as I sometimes find them a bit too tacky but this jacket provides the perfect concealer with the army green tone. This is the ideal way to feel radical, without being radical. Extremely versatile and "safe". Not too chunky to be worn under our Canadian Goose winter jacket. If you're on a mission to stand out while blending in, this near imitation army military camouflage jacket will serve just that purpose!

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