"Roland" Through Tones

An integral part of being a singer-songwriter is the instrument we use. For those who are extremely talented multi-instrumentalists (not me), they still tend to have a staple instrument they prefer to write on to transform creativity into song. It is not only the tool that we use to create beautiful harmonies. It is an extension of us. It is our story. My hunt for my new keys is an extensive shopping process that involves research and going into the music store to try out the different options. I spent 2&1/2 hours at Long and Mcquade one day playing all types of music - classical, jazz, R&B, scales, originals etc - alternating from one keyboard to the next and then restarting the process. 2 weeks ago I posted a blog that featured the Nord Stage 3 (True "Nord" Strong) - initially an apparent front runner until I met Roland RD-2000. My music world suddenly became conflicted. You may understand a little more if you take the time and get to know this other beauty.

Touted as "Roland's Next-gen RD stage piano", this model is any stage or studio performers' dream instrument. Roland, like NORD is hungry in evolving tomorrow's digital piano technology. The RD-2000 has 2 separate sound engines, masterful controller features, and stunning acoustic piano sounds with maximum polyphony (ie. the number of individual notes the digital piano can produce at one time). In addition, the "SuperNATURAL" sound engine has over 1100 additional sounds including an abundant selection of legendary electric pianos and effects that can works harmoniously with any style of music. Recording purposes are seamless with onboard USB audio/MIDI interface which makes it easy to interface with DAW and VIs.

Authentic V-Piano Acoustics

With state of the art research based on the company's V-Piano modeling technology, the acoustic piano sounds offer impeccable performance without comprising the authenticity of actually playing on a Yamaha CFX concert piano in Carnegie Hall or on a Steinway B Ebony Gloss grand.

Historic Pianos and More

The second engine features the SuperNATURAL sound board that delivers over 1100 extra sounds from classic electric pianos from the 60's - 80's covering all style of music. There are vintage effects that include the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (viewed as one the progenitor of the chorus and vibrato effect for guitar, bass and keys)

A Sound for Every Genre

With more than 1100 non-piano sounds, the RD-2000 offers versatile sounds that let you cover any musical genre with just one keyboard. the SuperNATURAL technology delivers organs, vintage and modern synthesizers, clavinets, strings, percussion, brass and much more. You can load patches into your RD-2000 by going onto the Roland's Axial website

Exceptional Feel

The authentic hammer action and escapement allows every nuance of your expression to be communicated through your playing. It harbours the premium PHA-50 keyboard action that combines wood and molded materials for superior feel and durability. Extremely responsive and natural to the touch for both acoustic and electric pianos.


Designed to Perform

Live onstage performances are a breeze. It has 8 dynamic encoder knobs and nine faders that gives you complete control over your sounds. LED knob indicators allows the performer precise adjustment and visual feedback according to the speed of scrolling. The RD-2000 has 8 assignable zones that allows you to map sounds to different key ranges, or create combo patches with up to eight layers. The Scene function allows you to save 100 snapshots of your entire keyboard setup and recall them with one press of a button. In addition to its classic pitch/mod lever it also has two independent wheel controllers for sound manipulation while performing.













Connection Made Easy

The RD-2000 is a master controller keyboard that lets you integrate its internal sounds with software-based instruments, hardware modules and more. You can integrate your virtual instruments and DAW or a laptop. To control synths with internal sounds, the usage of zones will allow for just that!

For the keyboardists and pianists out there, let me know what your preferences are, if you've had experience or own one of these beauties yourself! A new set of keys with be one of the many changes in the next few months that will catapult my music game! I'd love to hear from you - leave your comments below and I hope that with your help I will be showing off my new set of keys! Stay tuned!


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