Spring, Where Have You Gone?

We were teased with a couple of warm days in early March with clear sunny skies but the cold arctic blanket just does not want to say goodbye. As we long for an end to this seemingly endless winter, the power of manifestation appears to be working as we start to break the zero degree mark this week. To stay in tune between the seasons, sweaters are still needed but in variations. This beautiful pink, open shoulder sleeve top from Dynamite is my way of saying, "Goodbye Winter!" Made with 52% modal, 43% polyester and 5% spandex, this combination of materials are extremely silky smooth to the touch! If you were like me and googled, "what is modal fabric" you would have found that this material is popular in active wear - as well as spandex! You would imagine how soft and flexible this top is that also allows for maximum breathe ability and comfort. Easily paired with a great pair of jeans or a high waist black leather skirt, the shoulder show is the true teaser to the spring that we have all been waiting for!

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