"THANK YOU!" - sums up the way that I felt and still feeling after my #CONNECTED LP launch party June 2! There is so much to be grateful for and this is just only the beginning for "Natalia Chai Music". 

Last weekend confirmed what I am meant to do and I am so excited to keep the momentum going. I also found a hint of confidence that I have been trying to find this past year since starting in the local scene. Words cannot quantify the feeling that I had the day of June 2. My dreams came true and it couldn't have been possible without my network of support. I had a very tough work week this past week which was why I missed a blog but nevertheless, I think back to June 2 and then my spirits are uplifted once again. This blog reminisces back to last weekend but also a dedicated blog to thank every single person who have helped me through my journey to make June 2 possible! Here goes! 

1) Justin aka "Dunna" from Resonate Music

I've worked with this talented producer, music engineer since the very beginning when I was scared and excited. He has watched me grow as an artist, singer-songwriter and as a person in the studio through my music. I learned so much from him and grateful that he produced the sound and emotions that I envisioned in creating!

2) Darren Gee Photography 

My homeboy and extremely talented photographer and friend. He was the one who captured and designed my CONNECTED LP album cover. He is has a way of making his clients feel so comfortable but very professional at the same time. He has that special eye to capture exactly what you want to be captured and as such, he is my main photography and you have seen a lot of his work through my fahsion blogs! He also selflessly donated a mini portrait photo session in the 3 swags that were given out that night! Can I have it?!  

3) Millie Rouge 

My ultimate soul sista who had no choice when I "told" not "asked" her to open for me. I rave about this young lady all the time. The reason why we are so close is because of the ambition, motivation, work ethic, and vision that she has. For a person her age, she works so hard to help other musicians in all of YEG and to hopes to expand through Alberta to overcome obstacles that she herself endured. She also selflessly donated 3 "Millie Rouge" tank top RESPECT!


I knew RANNI music even before I met her at another showcase we did together earlier this year because I already heard of her music from mutual friends. She is the definition of passion. She knows what she wants, and she goes for it. She is professional, genuine, and an extreme powerhouse. I cannot wait to work with her again and see what's in store for her music and brand! You go girl! Always supporting you! 

5) The Bourbon Room 

It was my first time performing at the venue in St. Albert and it was a blast. The owner, the staff and the sound technician were amazing in helping make sure that the musicians and fans had a great a time surrounded by great local music! 


Without their help the event wouldn't have been possible in getting the word out. Thank you to Sabrina for helping me hold down the fort (literally) at the door as the guests came in leaving me one less thing to worry about! You da bomb gurl! 

7) Elsie Grey Jewelry

Michelle Choy - my friend and talent behind the earrings and necklaces that you see me wear in nearly all of my photoshoots. She selflessly donated 3 pieces to 3 lucky winners. I rave about her products and one of her biggest supporters! Her jewelry always amps up my outfit 10 fold! 2 dreamers supporting each other - we will make it! 

8) Tai-Monique - Sacred Awakenings 

Believe it or not but I JUST met this absolutely beautiful woman at an event in April where I met so many amazing powerful women! She came to support my dreams and even selflessly donated a pampering package to one lucky winner! She is a dancer, but also a fearless entrepreneur who helps other! 

9) Matt Koopman 

The gentleman who laid down the beats for the night is all thanks to this guy - Matt Koopman. An absolute talent who immediately understood the vibe and sound that I was going for. Thank you so much and definitely know who to fall back on when I need serious grooves.

10) Leshan 

Like Matt, I had zero doubts about Leshan's musical talent when I saw him play for his regular band, Melafrique ( am their biggest secret fan!!! )The grooves on the bass is thanks to this gentleman here who helped me "lock into the pocket". YES! 


11) Original Apparel - Miriam 

This beautiful and strong woman here has helped me so much with my fashion blog this past year and I am wearing this beautiful top on one of the most important days of my music dreams. She also selflessly donated $20 gift certificates to 3 lucky winners in my swag bags! Thank YOU so much for your continued support and look forward to more fashion collabs in the near future!


I would NOT be able to do this without the support from YOU. Hearing how my songs and messages touch you in ways that I would never think of makes me feel so full at heart! YOU inspire me everyday because I want to make the best music that I can and spread love, honesty and strength. 

If you haven't already heard my CONNECTED album is now available on ALL (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, iHeartRADIO, Deezer, Tidal) music platforms. If you are old school like me and still like having CDs, direct message me and I will personally deliver it to you and give you a big hug! More Natalia Chai Music to come and I cannot wait to remain CONNECTED with you and have you along on my humble journey!

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