"Who Are We?" - My United Way Voice 2019 Contest Submission!


My United Way Voice Season 4 (#MyUWVoice) submissions GOES LIVE TODAY - and I have entered this season!

"My United Way Voice has the unique ability to connect the power of music with local poverty elimination, through a vibrant arts community of talented, engaged youth influencers. Led by United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and PlanIt Sound Inc., we are working to increase awareness of local poverty issues, connect youth to the cause and inspire change."

"Who are we" to say that some of us have everthing but some of us have absolutely nothing at all?"

This was one of my first originals that I wrote, written about 6 years ago and one of the tracks off of my Connections EP released in 2017. After I graduated University I immediately sponsored a child in Africa and I am so proud and happy to see the development that a small donation can do for a young child who didn't choose to be born into poverty. The more that I open my eyes to my surroundings, it is extremely shocking to see the disparity within our very own city separated by sometimes only 10 blocks!


I would like to ask for all of you my friends, to not only view my song but to share and spread the message with all of your friends, family, extended family, etc and encourage them to do the same. The end prize is of course unarguably an amazing opportunity but what is more important and what we must not forget and oversee is that My United Way Voice's mission/vision is much bigger than the end prize. I also highly encourage you all to check out the other submissions as I have so many friends who have also entered, see/hear the talent and positivity that we are building as a community to affect change - ie. to end poverty!

Click on the image below for more information about My United Way Voice 2019 and wish me best of luck!

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Thank you for all of your love and support! I cannot express enough times how much I appreciate you all for encouraging me to continue to do what I love through my music to inspire change and help others!

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