You Are a Realist AND a Dreamer

Are you a realist or a dreamer? This question dichomotizes the types of people that exists in our world. I dare to challenge by asking "Are you a realist AND a dreamer?" It might sound super cheesy and cliche but I truly believe that you can be both. Take me as an example! This blog is not intended to boast about myself but rather to get you all thinking about what it is that keeps some people going despite all obstacles. I am a firm believer that if you know that what you are pursing is worth value (either to yourself, to the community or both) and you are willing to work for it, obstacles are there to prove to yourself (not to others) just how badly you want to reach your destination. But first you have to know where your destination is - (read my blog "Where is YOUR Destination?" that talks about what success means to you!)

"There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You would think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists but... more often than not, the opposite is true. You see the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists... well, without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground." - Cameron Tucker, Modern Family

I hardly watch TV anymore but there are two shows that I tune in for quite religiously: 1) This is Us (who does NOT watch this?!) and 2) Modern Family. This episode of Modern Family replayed this past week and it gave me my inspiration for this week's blog! I couldn't agree more with Cameron but as I have alluded to earlier, we don't have to be one or the other - we can be both!

It's ironically funny how as we get older that dreaming is looked down as being childish. But as young children we are encouraged to use our imagination, to think outside the box and to dream BIG with no limits. We receive the most endearing and genuine answers when we ask children what they want to be when they grow up. And through the process of "growing up" something changes our whole perspective and mindsets not because you didn't want to achieve your dreams but rather you were told at one point that being a dancer, artist, writer or musician is unrealistic and not sustainable. Just like that all subsequent decisions were made using your head that started limiting your opportunities rather than listening to your inner gut feeling that you were meant to do something different and extra-ordinary!

Being a dreamer is difficult especially today when we are constantly competing and/or comparing ourselves to others. We want to see people fall apart instead of succeeding. There is huge vulnerability, fear of failure or being ridiculed by society or worse yet, the people who in theory (your family) should support and love you the most are not behind you.There will always be those doubters who will get under your skin to keep you from achieving your goals. It is when you start believing them for just a small moment, that you start to question yourself. Trust me I know how that is. I do know that disappointment/hardships will barricade my path but I will celebrate every small win that will lead to my self-fulfillment.

Being a realist isn't necessarily a bad thing. One may think that it's the realists who are the doubters and the dream crushers. Yes the realists are the ones who rationalizes and exercises practicality and logic. The realists for the most part may soar for the top of the Empire State Building rather than the moon. In other words, they like to play it safe, be secure and know that they have most of the control over the situation. We need realists not to pull the dreamers down but because they know how to focus on the goals (even if they're "dreamer" goals), strategize, prepare, come up with contingency plans and execute. In other words, realists help make dreams attainable. BUT without the dreamers, there would be no goals or vision to focus on, to strategize or prepare for.

I went into pharmacy because it was a stable and sustainable career. Without it I would not have been able to complete my Connections EP, Connected LP, music videos for S.O.S (SOcial Support) and Regretful Acquaintance and now many more projects for 2019! I could have completely quit my pharmacy job and devote 100% of my time to music as you hear very often happen. But the realist in me realizes that the reason I am able to be a 100% fully funded independent artist, and able to record in a studio and make music videos and still be financially self-sufficient is because of pharmacy and I am grateful.

The dreamer in me recognizes that writing and sharing my sound with people provides value and that it can serve as a platform for me to affect positive change and influence on the world. The realist in me recognizes that at this particular point in my life in order to reach my destination, I still have to be responsible and that small baby steps are usually the right steps even when results are not immediate. We don't value things, situations or people as much if they come too easy. If time, energy, effort and hard work gets you over the many obstacles you will undeniably be met with, I am telling you the feeling of happiness and fulfillment cannot measure up.

I don't think that the "dreamer" in all of us disappear as we grow older - in fact I think that somewhere hidden in us the dreams that we once had will always be present and that we secretly fantasize and wish we could make them a reality. Who says that we can't be both? The last time I checked professional athletes, successful artists, world-known cardiologists or CEOs don't happen overnight. Opportunities don't just fall into your lap though it may seem to be that way for others, but I believe that we have to earn them. I don't come from a family who supports/encourages my dream - although they have come a long way and maybe are starting to realize that I"m actually serious and that it's not just a hobby for me. There will always be people who want to bring you down but I will say this again - if you truly believe in what you are doing and are willing to put in the work, you can do anything! Simply put, the dreamers are those who don't give up and want to live. Realists are dreamers who just needs a little encouragement to believe just a little more.

I declare myself as both a realist and a dreamer! What about you?

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