Photo Creds: @alexxia_rowe

Is this deja vu you may ask? Have I posted a blog about this jacket before? You might be thinking about a previous blog last year (On A Camo Mission) that may make this blog look like a duplicate but it isn't! This is actually a Camo sweater/jacket purchased from H&M - in Chengdu, China last summer when I was there for the music festival. Spring has finally arrived for us here in #YEG and do we ever deserve to have some warmer temperatures especially after a grueling January/February cold snap. This versatile, light-weight camo jacket is perfect for those spring days where winter seems to still want to linger a little longer. An essential, classic yet trendsetting piece for both autumn and may I dare say in early spring! Throw it over a simple white tank top for a casual chic look. As usual I always pair my tops with my ripped jeans and maybe with one of my KEDS or runners for the casual yet sporty vibe - or dress it up with a pair of heels for a streamlined and feminine swag!

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