The Turtleneck: A Winter Sophistication

Canadian winters can be piercingly brutal which makes getting out of our cozy beds an extremely difficult task to conquer. Our options for fashion appears to be sartorially limited to our "go-to" comfy and warm sweaters paired with an old pair of jeans (and potentially some long johns!). Although our #YEG winter has thus far been a fairly mild one, we still need to be prepared for those unforeseen drop in temperatures. Nothing exponentially warms the body temperature up quite like a warm toque, scarf and big sweater! I wasn't a big fan of the turtleneck when I was younger - I found them "suffocating" and bulky but little did I know that the turtleneck is the perfect union between the big sweater and "scarf"! This turtleneck sweater by CASLON is my latest winter find from Nordstrom and extremely reasonably priced considering the brand. The grey light heather soft colour blends in with the snow but not sacrificing the detailed ornately stitched sleeves and neckline patterns.

Once upon time the turtleneck was linked to the intellectual elites in the Parisian light (read this article; "Are Turtlenecks Back In Style" to read about the turtleneck's surprising history!) and slowly made its fashion statement when big Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Rachel and Monica from Friends would wear the turtleneck as their "go-to" item! Being 57% cotton I no longer have to worry too much about being out in our cold snappy winters. The wide rimmed sleeve trim of this CASLON sweater maintains the historical sophistication, chic and timeless look!

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