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Like a heartless lover, I fear Summer may have left us listless and unsettled. If you’re like me, the days are getting more difficult to face; and the nights have become more of a chore to get…

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We Are The World. Together.

I started this segment by sharing my story of the Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival a few weeks ago. Today’s post features a melody that has stood the test of time, in chaos and peace. 

I can think…

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A Global Pandemic Can't Keep Us Apart

Priorities first…a shout-out to the one and only that gave me life…a Happy Birthday week to my mom!! 

My music video for the Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival and my mom’s birthday week all happening at the same…

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Sisters Connected. Again.

The will to connect and inspire endures between cities that are miles away from each other. They are bound together in music and lyrics so strong that not even a global pandemic can keep them apart. 

The Chengdu International Sister…

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How Streaming Influenced My Creative Process

How do you listen to music today? CDs via your walkman (remember those?!), vinyls or streaming? In today's world, listening to music means streaming on platforms that offer countless access to albums, libraries and playlists! Some may argue that the…

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Classical vs. Jazz Music

Long story short, I was classically trained in piano from the age of 6 completing up to the Performers ARCT Diploma Royal Conservatory Music Program (like any other Asian kid). Then the discovery of Alicia Keys in the summer of…

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#NChaiBS - "Excuse Me"

My sweater says "Nope. Still Don't Care". I wore this for my #Connections EP album back in 2017 but the difference between now and then, is that today I literally exude the attitude of the sweater and wear it with…

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A "Made For You" Collective Global Project

I am extremely excited about this project because: 1) I have had this idea/vision for over 3 years and 2) I never thought I could pull something off like this but it finally came into fruition - in fact it…

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#NChaiBS - "Made for You"

"Made for You" was written almost 1&1/2 years ago - in the fall of 2018. I distinctly remember sitting in my room, blasting Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite. I've listened to that album on repeat for so many years but somehow…

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So listen. Improving your songwriting skills involve consistency in practice. Write as many songs as you can without caring about whether it is going to be a hit or not. I heard Ed Sheeran say that song writing is very…

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