BuzzMusic: "Ride or Die" Feature

BuzzMusic is an independent platform that supports and brings you the best in independent music from all walks of music from all over the world. Thank you so much BuzzMusic for taking the time to listen and to ask about…

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#NChaiBS - "Ride Or Die"

Ride Or Die - this was not the single that I had originally wanted to release as my first in the new year. In fact I didn't know that I would write a song like this until inspiration hit me…

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Collaboration is the New Foundation

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." 

~ African Proverb ~

With more and more musicians and artists taking the independent route, one of the best strategies in expanding our audience…

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What's Your Niche?

As the music industry changes how music is shared with the world, content creators must anticipate the changes before it happens. Today's digital age is a double edge sword that can serve as both a tool to get our craft…

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What's New with "Natalia Chai Music"?

Why hello! Welcome to Natalia Chai Music and welcome back to those of you who's been with me from the beginning! I have missed you all and extremely excited to share my new music, shows, projects and news with you…

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Hubba Bubba

This is hands down the 2nd most difficult photo shoot that I was a part of. The first one was last year in the middle of winter for my #CONNECTED LP cover shoot when I had to shoot in -28…

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Re-branding : "Natalia Chai Music"

Natalia Chai Music will be taking a new, refined, simple and cleaner turn. In addition to my new and smoother sound, I am taking myself as an artist, a musician and a business more seriously. I never understood the importance…

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Connecting & Melting Hearts

Feelin' like I'm in LA...but in #YEG. The #HeartmeltMotel Event featured up to 6 "groovy" rooms perfect for photo ops such as this collaboration with the one and only Darren Gee Photography! Darren has not only been able to help…

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                                       Photo Creds: @alexxia_rowe

Is this deja vu you may ask? Have I posted a blog about this jacket before? You might be thinking about a previous blog last year (On A Camo Mission) that may make this blog look like…

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