My Pianist #Influencers

As most of you know I was classically trained in piano from the age of 6, completing The Royal Conservatory of Music up to ARCT Performers - but this was a very very long time ago. I am now revisiting…

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Something Resembling Lemonade


                                      Photo Cred: Alexia Rowe  @alexxia_rowe

"You took the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turned it into something resembling lemonade." - This Is Us

One of the best quotes from one of the best (and only) TV show

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Aspire to Inspire

Back in November 2018 I had the humbling opportunity of sharing my sound at the Seeds of Grace Benefit Concert sponsored by the Mustard Seed's Family Health Centre Project in support of Edmonton's inner city community. Not only did this…

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Can Curiosity Be Created?

One of my favourite childhood books to rent from the school library was Curious George. The fun animation, story lines, seeing what George will do to get himself into "trouble" and how his friend "The Man in the Yellow Hat"…

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                                      Photo Credits: @alexxia_rowe

With daylight savings time, warmer temperatures and sunny skies, I am very hopeful that spring is imminent and here to stay! From Design Lab - Lord and Taylor I saw this very sweater on a mannequin and…

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"Who Run The World? - Girls!"

Genieve. Madi. Deanne. Waymatea. Vanessa Domingues. Kaje. Michaela. Karimah. Medgine. Natalia Chai.

~ ~ ~

Sabrina Claudio. Alicia Keys. Des'ree. Nina Simone. Whitney Houston. Andra Day. Aretha Franklin. India Arie. Beyonce. Grace.

The second group of names we know have…

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Take It to the Max

                                      Photo credits: @alexxia_rowe

The long maxi is not just limited for summer maxi dresses. The maxi also has its rightful place in winter with this ribbed maxi cardigan from Dynamite. Available in many different colours, the light grey subtle…

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The Power of Consistency

'Without commitment, you'll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you'll never finish" - Denzel Washington.

I will be taking some of you back (at least for me anyways) to University in this Statistics 101 crash course where we will…

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"Batting" Up a Storm

                                      Photo Cred: @future.nostalgia

Also known as the dolman sleeve top - what exactly does that mean? It is apparently a Turkish term that refers to a top with wide sleeves with a deep arm hole from the shoulders that narrows…

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What's Your Legacy?

If you really think about it this is a very important question because it touches on immortality - how do we live on when our physical being departs this world? This may seem a bit morbid but really got me…

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Running Through Winter

                                      Photo Credits: Alexia Rowe (@alexxia_rowe)

Every girl's dream is to have a double door closet full of diverse footwear to choose from for all occasions! Although I love shoes I don't personally need to go that far but I…

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Is it Ever Too Late to Learn Something New?

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks". Take this old adage as you will! I am a curator of lifelong learning for personal growth and societal contribution. Even though it may seem that we've learned all that we can…

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