Natalia Chai - "Regretful Acquaintance"



Sweet Sounds: Natalia Chai

 —  —

The Art of Cake, 11811 105th Ave , Edmonton

Natalia's smooth sounds will sure be able to help you unwind after a hard work week. An unconventional combination, Natalia will share covers and originals that will help mellow you out and potentially get you groovin' to some tunes! NO COVER and DELICIOUS PASTRIES!!!

Blue Corner Vo. 23

 —  —

2604 111 C Street, Edmonton

Presented by YEG Music, from the comfort and intimacy of the "living space" join Natalia Chai and 3 amazing female powerhouses for a night of musical magic!

Doors open at 6:00PM Music Starts at 6:30PM All ages event No outside Food/Alcohol or drinks are permitted, there is a small concession on site. Unable to attend the event? That's okay! It will also be streamed online at

Ticket prices are as posted: $12 + convenience fee online at $15 at the doorCash, Debit, and Credit payment options available at the door. Please email for further information/questions.

Natalia's Hooks & Looks

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