Photo Credits: @alexxia_rowe

With daylight savings time, warmer temperatures and sunny skies, I am very hopeful that spring is imminent and here to stay! From Design Lab - Lord and Taylor I saw this very sweater on a mannequin and told myself "I want to look as chic, comfy and stylish as this mannequin - I think I can pull it off!" On warmer winter days this burgundy sweater would be my "go-to" top that I would easily couple with a pair of jeans or leggings. The off-the-shoulder look isn't one that is a new trend but one that in my opinion quite timeless. It gives a hint of "feminine" aura while still being casual! Definitely a clothing item that I will not be retiring anytime soon as it will be perfect for our cooler spring temperatures! Here's to hoping my next few blogs I will be able to bust out my spring, colourful and "lighter" styles to share! Enjoy the sunshine and keep shining!

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