BuzzMusic: "Ride or Die" Feature

BuzzMusic is an independent platform that supports and brings you the best in independent music from all walks of music from all over the world. Thank you so much BuzzMusic for taking the time to listen and to ask about the back story behind this single and also my music journey. Natalia Chai Music is one that I summarize in 4 words: 'smooth, groove, inspire and believe' and I hope that my music from now going forward will elicit a feeling of inspiration, to believe that anything is possible, and for you to feel smooth and groovy. During these trying times, please do not forget about supporting your favourite musicians and artists. Remember to keep streaming and sharing the positive vibes because the world needs music now more than ever to keep our morale high to band together and fight this virus. As much as I want to find my "Ride or Die" I can guarantee you all that I will ride or die with you through this storm! Click HERE or on the image above to read the full article and interview on BuzzMusic.

You can also find me featured on 3 Spotify Playlists where you can groove to my new single!



*Please stay in, stay healthy and strong - we will get through this together!

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