'Re-Introducing' Natalia Chai Music // Smooth.Groove.Inspire.Believe

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Hello my wonderful friends! I am extremely humbled by the responses to my brand re-launch and I am back with a new focus, a new vision, a new sound and new message that makes up "Natalia Chai Music". In an older post I discussed my reluctance in "branding" myself. When I think about building a brand I immediately think about a logo, the product and the image. Music like all entertainment is highly visually driven. I did not want to get into the trap of creating an image that complied with "industry standards or expectations" that didn't represent who I am in order to get my music noticed and most definitely did not want the way that I "look" to dictate how the public perceive my music. I want my music and message to speak for itself - I want people to appreciate my music for the music - not for my image. So when I was asked "What do you want people to think of and/or feel when they hear your music - when they hear 'Natalia Chai Music'?" , that was THE question that would create and focus my brand.

When I think about why I embarked on my music journey, I obviously think about my end goal and vision but most importantly the journey that I will take to get there. In our complex society I have experienced first hand how my music has helped others around the world and how many more people I can help.  I want people to connect, understand, feel hope and be inspired when they hear my music. I want to create music that is relatable; music that sparks discussions; music that transcends human connection. My brand for "Natalia Chai Music" comes down to my integrity and my purpose.

The time that I took away from social media to focus on what steps Natalia Chai Music will take saw the biggest dichotomies in the way I was feeling. I felt so at peace not having to worry about what to post next, what others were accomplishing and how to keep up with the game - but at the same time I also felt anxious. I was very inpatient, scared, even started to doubt myself and felt extremely stagnant. But when I feel the most hopeless, that's the moment when progress starts - no matter how slow. I realized that forcing things to happen is the worse thing that I can do. I originally planned to "come back" in August but it didn't feel right to release something that I didn't put my all into, or feel good about or not be proud of. The new projects that are coming up will show my evolution musically, conceptually and I hope to catch some of you by surprise! I want to show you how I've grown, progressed and continue to move forward!




"always believe. anything is possible."

The quotes above makes my brand - they define what Natalia Chai Music means to me. Too cliche? Perhaps but excuse me, I don't care because I truly believe that music is a gift. It exists in this world to be shared. It brings communities together. It unites differences where we can learn to respect diversity. Natalia Chai Music is who you will meet and see in everyday life Natalia Chai. There's no stage presence or duality at play. It is just me! I am extremely excited to share with you my newest projects and hope that you all find some resonance, some peace and balance! I invite all of you to come along for the new ride with me and please do not hesitate to drop me a line because staying #connected with my music family is what I am about! Now here we go!! Check out my last blog HERE that introduces some of my new features on my new website! 


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