Natalia Chai - "Regretful Acquaintance"


Natalia's Hooks & Looks

Behind the Scenes - Natalia Chai's Music Video Shoot for "Regretful Acquaintance"

"Regretful Acquaintance" PROMO Music Video Release



That's right! It is only 3 days away until the official music video release for my single "Regretful Acquaintance". From the preliminary chord progressions and top lines created in…

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Piano Lessons and Language

My mom enrolled my sisters and I into piano in hopes that we would find a hobby (for me, it became more than that - thanks Mom!) and that we would learn discipline and patience. But I doubt that my…

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3 Chinese Artists Who Influence My Work

In my first posts last year, I alluded to the fact that the music that I grew up with is not the genre that I particularly enjoy listening to, write and sing today. Being raised in a Chinese family household…

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Laced Up

With summer just around the corner, I've been waiting for photo shoots under the warm sun like a child waiting for Christmas to come! It allows us to walk around, enjoy the scenery and explore possible photo shoot sites…

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"THANK YOU!" - sums up the way that I felt and still feeling after my #CONNECTED LP launch party June 2! There is so much to be grateful for and this is just only the beginning for "Natalia Chai…

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