Natalia Chai - "Regretful Acquaintance"



Natalia's Hooks & Looks

Gobble Up This Sheer Delight!

Although winter wonderland is upon us, the sheer trend is still a hit - whether you want to reveal or conceal! Sheer fabric usually entails a low density knit which results in a semi-transparent fabric. For those of you…

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What determines if you like or dislike a song?

Perhaps I'm reading/listening too much into this, but I was actually driving to work one day and Justin Timberlake's "Filthy" came on the radio. I haven't heard this play for quite some time but this was one example of a…

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Fall into This Dress Code

Ladies, who says that we can't wear and rock dresses in fall? The perfect combination between comfort and style; cozy and hard-edged! Sweater and knit dresses offers just that perfect balance! A fall essential, this sweater dress from Urban Outfitter…

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"Roland" Through Tones

An integral part of being a singer-songwriter is the instrument we use. For those who are extremely talented multi-instrumentalists (not me), they still tend to have a staple instrument they prefer to write on to transform creativity into song. It…

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Opposites Attract

Shout out to my powerhouse girls: Behind the lens Alexia Rowe and standing strong beside me are Millie Rouge and Maia Meister

En noir et blanc. The epitome of contrast colours that signifies monochromatic style and makes you…

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Not Your Typical Tee

These were shot almost 2 months ago with the amazing, up and coming talented local photographer, Alexia Rowe (@alexxia_rowe)! This white top was one of my staple this summer that made its debut from my wardrobe collection…

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Behind the Scenes - Natalia Chai's Music Video Shoot for "Regretful Acquaintance"

"Regretful Acquaintance" PROMO Music Video Release



That's right! It is only 3 days away until the official music video release for my single "Regretful Acquaintance". From the preliminary chord progressions and top lines created in…

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