About Her Groove. 

In the Beginning… 

Natalia Chai’s journey from the grey mundane to her now extraordinary music venture started with subtle nudges and faint whispers. The kind that if ignored, would gnaw into your very core unless its existence was recognized. 

She’s since owned up to what were once murmurs and have answered her calling as an independent, solo R&B/Neosoul singer-songwriter. Classically trained in piano since age 6, she’s drawn to the nostalgic tunes of talented artists like Alicia Keys, and is attracted to many of today’s influences that include Mac Ayres, PJ Morton, Nao Yoshioka and many more. 

Natalia released her first EP entitled “Connections” in March 2017 and not long after that, her full-length album “Connected” followed in 2018. Two music videos featuring the singles of “S.O.S” and “Regretful Acquaintance” were also released the same year. Like many of her creations, the album and its singles discussed real life, big society issues on a global and individual scale.

Her Connections… 

Originally from Edmonton, Natalia has recently relocated and is now based out of Calgary, AB. Natalia performs regularly in the local scene but has also shared her sound in other countries. Most notably, she’s had a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent Canada at the 2018 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival to not only introduce R&B/Neosoul to China but to also raise global awareness in building stronger cultural connections through music. 
Skilled on the piano and keyboard, Natalia has also been featured in other local artists’ projects such as Hail Taxi’s single “Bunch of Nothing”, collaborations with other local musicians and keyboardists in an all-female band showcase and contributions to production projects in the film industry such as CBC’s "My Lyric I Never Knew",  and even written/produced the soundtrack for an independent experimental short film called “Power Moves” that has been selected for the 35th Edmonton International Film Festival.
No matter the platform, Natalia’s art has driven all her listeners to describe her sultry voice as “honey to the ears”. Her music brings back to life the nostalgia of old school R&B with Neosoul, and dares to flirt with gospel jazz. 

Her Future Inspiration… 

The new and re-branded Natalia Chai Music continues to believe in the power of creating a community that isn’t afraid to discuss tough topics about the human condition in today’s complex society. Her upcoming projects will showcase a new sound and groove that reflects the importance to keep believing in an inspiration, no matter who you are. 
From the early days when all of this was just a whisper, come with Natalia today and witness her journey as she owns up in making her music dream a reality one connection at a time. Don’t be left behind and start by staying connected with Natalia by subscribing to her mailing list and be inspired as you take part in hearing her latest smooth grooves. You just need to believe…anything is possible for you and her.