My September Playlist!

I'll be sharing at the beginning of every month music and playlists that I am listening to for inspiration and just to have a good time. This month I want to share a playlist called "Neosoul/R&B from 90s and 2000s" that includes a comprehensive list of artists and songs that I have motivated and inspired me to take a leap of faith in my music endeavours.This playlist includes Alicia Keys' "Fallin" that started it all for me to the original Neosoul artists such as Maxwell and Erykah Badhu. An Asian girl listening to these vibes is quite unconventional but as I mention time and time again, it is the way it makes me feel and groove in my soul that drew me and continues to draw me back to this era. You can head on right over to my Spotify Artist Playlist Pick to experience the very songs that brings back nostalgic memories for me, and that serves as a building block for when I write my own songs - a hint of throwback vibes! Please sit back and enjoy!

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