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  1. My Priority
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Verse 1
Why do we work hard to the bone?
When we’re not given the throne
Why do we give our time away?
To constant stress of the day
Slow down, unplug, step back, relax and kick your feet up
Take it easy from now on
Come and join me on my life’s pledge and partake in this phenomenon

Let us drop from 40 to 30 hours a week,
That’s my priority
And let us indulge on red wine, delicious delicacies
That’s my priority
Make more time to sing and dance the night away with ones you love
Let us not fear the rules and go about our lives so freely,
That’s my priority

Tell me are you ready, hmmm
Ready or not?
Baby, tell me are you ready
Ready to be caught?
Caught in this absolute simple notion of working less, live more
Are you ready to explore?
Tell me are you ready,
Allow me to get the door

Verse 2
Whoever said fairytales don’t exist
Well let me tell you some I must insist
We can be Italian expats like Jas
Or fly around the world like Michy has
Enjoy new food, cultures, new love and beautiful views,
Take a jumping photo now
Life’s too short to get all lost in basic rhythms of today


Don’t throw your life away
Don’t miss out on the little things that yesterday just cannot replay

Enjoy life, what’re we waitin’ for?
Let the warm sand bury all your doubts,
Let’s end this lifeless drought