1. Inner Peace

From the recording Inner Peace

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Encouraging and inspiring everybody to go after your true dreams. Knowing that you've given it your full heart on a road that is lonely and scary, you will achieve one of the greatest things in life on this journey -- your "Inner Peace"!


Verse 1

It’s not about the claim to fame, or the show
It’s not about making a name for myself
Nor is it for the fortune
Take it from me
You’ll see all the clarity


It is a lonely road when you start to follow your dreams
And it’s a solitary backload for one to carry
And when it gets too hard to believe
Hard to trust that you will achieve
Remember that this journey will find your true
Inner Peace

Verse 2

How I wish
Upon a shooting star,
That I’ll go far
With all of the faith, love and support of the world
But it’s not like that
I gotta start on my own
In time I’ll grow and build my dream a home

Chorus x 1


Chorus x 1


Inner, inner peace
And soon I will be alright
And I will find my bright light
And I will be so high