#NChaiBS - "Ride Or Die"

Ride Or Die - this was not the single that I had originally wanted to release as my first in the new year. In fact I didn't know that I would write a song like this until inspiration hit me at the beginning of November. It takes on average 3 months for me to write a song. "Ride or Die" was different though. Different in many ways. This song took me a total of 3 days which never happens. From the chord progressions (granted there are really only 2 except for some of the crunchier chords in the bridge and passing chords), to the concept, top line, and lyrics. Writing lyrics is extremely difficult for me. I have a hard enough time expressing myself verbally let alone remembering lyrics but with this track, the words flowed. The groove of "Ride or Die" I intended to be very smooth, mellow, sultry and easy on the ears. I wanted to write a song that brings back the old school and real R&B where people can FEEL the music. The melody may remind you of Brian Mcknight or even something that you would hear on a Jodeci record. At every studio session with Jey Blaq as we developed this song more, we knew that this song was something else. It sounds like a track written and produced in Philadelphia or Atlanta.The chords in the bridge I stumbled across by accident when I was in the studio with Jey Blaq of VestEd!Music laying down the keys - I made a mistake and it turned out that the harmony was exactly (if not more) than what I had heard in my head. This old school R&B fused with neosoul vibes will take you through an unexpected musical journey, then back home again! (You have to listen to know what I'm talking about!) 


Ride Or Die - what this song is about is no secret. Apparently this term was originally a "biker" term that literally meant if you couldn't ride you'd rather die. Since then the term appeared in the hip-hop scene and has now evolved into an expression of extreme loyalty to someone/something. Human connections are taken for granted as new ones can always be made at the click of a button. This makes most relationships appear to be dispensable. But when it comes down to finding the one person who I choose to spend and share the rest of my life with, I vow to do it right, with respect and with honour. This means that it will take time, patience and work. This is what I have to offer and what you can expect of me. "Ride or Die" depicts a rare element in today's society! This song is my pledge of loyalty, commitment and dedication to my future life partner, but also to my family, my friends, and to my dreams, goals and passion! This track is very smooth and easy listening, feels good with an honest and raw message!


1) Jey Blaq of VestEd!Music who I have the privilege of working with to discover and evolve the sound that I have always been looking for. Officially on my DREAM TEAM!

2) Jeff Hendrik - a local legendary R&B/soul artist who is THE saxophone maestro. Extremely grateful to have both gentlemen be a part of my track and for believing in me! Click HERE to access their plugs in my Collaborations Tab!!

3) Carmen Lucia - This beautiful and highly underrated local musician and R&B songstress is the reason why I sound the way I do on this new track. Carmen has been my voice teacher for over 1 year and she has been nothing but amazing and has taught me so much. Carmen has helped me find my voice and is working hard to help me develop my voice and develop me into the person and artist I envision myself to be. Carmen has been nothing but understanding and patient with my progress. I am so grateful for her everyday and please do yourself a huge favour and check out her music!


Lastly, please share your own similar stories about loyalty on any of my social media platform - what does it mean to you? Is it to a special someone or to a dream you wish to achieve? Tag #NChaiBS for a chance to win my single for FREE and a little something something that will be coming out in JUNE!


Can you tell me how you feel? 

Tell me everything that's real. 

You don't have to be afraid, 

Trust in me and you will be safe 

So tell me all that's on your mind, 

All of the secrets I will find 

You don't have to close your heart 

Trust in me we'll never part 


I'll ride or die with you 

I"ll give you my all 

This is my pledge to both of us 

I'll ride or die with you 

I'll give you all of my world 

This is my pledge to both of us 


In a world where there's no faith 

Overcrowded and no space 

Find the strength to stand up tall 

Trust in me and you will find all 

Of the things that you dreamed of 

From now on there's no one who's above 

Come with me I'll set you free 

Trust in me and you will see 



Ride or die 

Till end of the time 

Will you try?

Just come on by



I'll ride or die along with you 

No matter what I"ll be with you   x 4

I'll ride or die

I'll ride or die

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